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Swiss Military Introduced the Latest in technology Rewashable gloves


Introducing the Latest in technology – The Anti-Bacterial / Anti-Viral (Certified) Lycra infused Stretchable Scuba Material Water-Repellent Rewashable gloves to fight any virus that spreads by touch, thus giving you an all-round protection no matter where you go!
The New SWISS MILITARY SuperGuard Series Reusable Anti-Bacterial Gloves GLV-04 comes in 2 sizes (Large and Small) and are fully Made / Designed in India. The unique features are listed as follows –

  1.  Water / Virus droplet Repellent making it ultra-safe to use!
  2. Ultra thin and comfortable (Ideal for hot / humid weather).
  3. Highly stretchable with 9% lycra making it very easy to use and wear on / take off.
  4. Phone friendly.
  5. Anti-bacterial coated (Certified)!
  6. Washable upto 20 times!

A new Breakthrough in the times of the Covid!! Now when the virus is at an all-time high and spreading like wildfire in our country through Touch, there is no feasible alternative to cover our hands when outside and to ensure that we do not contract the virus by touching our hands on our faces unknowingly! The present options of gloves in the market are difficult to wear, uncomfortable and impractical to use, a one-time use only plus inappropriate especially in hot / humid weather. That is why we would rather risk infection than wear these unsuitable options in the market today!

Now go anywhere outside without any concern to use outside objects clumsily with our elbows, wrists and external objects like keys etc. with the risk of contracting the infection. Very ideal for Use in Offices / Schools / Travel / Shopping / Outdoors / Medical professionals or anyone on the move!

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