Reward Terms and Conditions


  • Rewards program:
    The Rewards Program from allows eligible members to accumulate Points for Purchases and other actions as may be specified by from time to time. Points accumulated on such Purchases may be used to make a future purchase on
  • Member:
    A Member is an eligible customer of who may avail the benefits of Rewards Program. Eligibility is subject to registration with the
  • Welcome Points:
    Welcome Points are the points credited to a member’s Rewards account, as a Gift by on joining our program. Welcome Points may also be debited from the member’s account when redeemed or expired.
  • Points:
    Reward Points are the points credited to a member’s Rewards account, as a result of any Purchases eligible for the earning of Points as per the terms of the program. Reward Points may also be debited from the member’s account when redeemed or expired.
  • Rewards Account:
    The rewards account means the account relating to Rewards points for a particular member and includes earned, less redeemed and expired Points.
  • Products:
    Rewards Point eligible products mean the product on on which the customers will be earning Reward Points in the purview of the Rewards program for their Purchases as defined by the program.
  • Rewards/Gift:
    The rewards/Gift pertain to all items redeemed fully/partially by the customer in exchange for points accumulated during the program on

The above definitions would hold true for all Purchases and communications pertaining to Rewards


All customers have account with are eligible to be a part of Rewards Program. Eligibility criterion will be reviewed from time to time. Only customers in good standing and with no amounts overdue will be eligible for Rewards Program.

Reward Program access:

  1. a) Access through
  • Members can access the program by logging on to the Post login, Customer may buy the product using Reward points, bucks or both collectively. By using the rewards points partially customer may reduce the amount needed to purchase a Product.
  1. b) Access through Swiss Military Mobile App:
  • Members can login to the Swiss Military Mobile App to redeem the rewards points.
  • Select the product you want to purchase/ Redeem. Pay through your reward Points during Payment.
  • Customer may partially pay the amount if the reward points are not sufficient to redeem a product.

RP and Their Redemption

  • shall determine, from time to time, at its discretion, which purchase are eligible for inclusion/exclusion in the Reward Points and how many Reward Points to be earned and on what basis.
  • reserves the rights to increase or decrease the cash value of reward points. The value of Pre earned reward Points will be unaffected to any change.
  • In case of a reversal of any eligible Purchase, Reward Points credited to the Rewards Account as a result of such eligible transaction will be deducted from the accrued Reward Points balance.
  • Reward Points may be earned only as per the terms determined by More specifically, during a promotion, special offer, cash-back or black-out period, may decide to disallow the earning of Reward Points on already discounted transactions.
  • Reward Points are not assignable and cannot be pledged.
  • Reward Points are valid till 31st march of the next year, starting from the day of the month on which the Reward Points are earned. For example, if a member has earned Reward Points on 10th January 2017, the Reward Points shall be valid for redemption till 31st march 2018. But if a member has earned Reward Points on 30th Nov 2017, the Reward Points shall be valid for redemption till 31st march 2018. Unless used prior to the expiration date, the Reward Points shall expire on such date.
  • Swiss Military is intending to let you redeem the Points, so upon expiration of reward points, Swiss Military reserves the right to carry forward or not the reward points to the account of the customer. Still it is the Account holder’s responsibility to be aware of both the number of Reward Points in his account and their expiration date.
  • All spends done under the purview shall be eligible to earn Reward Points except what will be excluded by from time to time.
  • Redemption of Reward Points is subject to:

i) approval and terms & conditions as relevant to the reward.
ii) Availability of the Product at the time of redemption request.

  • reserves the right to introduce new products and replace the existing ones at any point in time without prior intimation to the member.
  • Only customers having active account on can request for redemption of Points.
  • The Points cannot be exchanged for cash or credit or be used to obtain cash advances, But may be used against payment for any charges incurred in the
  • Product fully redeemed against the reward points are not exchangeable/refundable, replaceable or transferable for cash or credit under any circumstances, nor can these be re-converted back to Reward Points.
  • Any additional costs incurred in connection with redemption of any reward shall be the sole responsibility of the member.
  • may suspend redemption of points where the account is not in good standing
  • Shipping/ Returns/ Replacement And cancelation of redeemed Product
  • Shipment, Return/Replacement and cancelation Policy for redeemed product is similar to the purchased product. Please read the “Shipping”, “Return/Replacement” and “Cancelation” clause Under “Terms & Conditions”

 Breach of T&C

  • In the event of a breach by a Customer of these Terms & Conditions or of any applicable provisions in any policy incorporated by reference herein, Swiss Military reserves the right, at its discretion, to:

1.   Terminate and close the customer account in the Program
2.   Refuse to award Reward Points
3.   Withdraw Reward Points; and/or
4.   Refuse to redeem Reward Points

  • Such suspension and disqualification of account may result, at Swiss Military discretion, in the forfeiture of all of the accrued Reward Points in the customer account.