Nothing ever works out unless you travel !!!

While looking for a place to get away from the hustle of the city life, I found solace in the hills. To enjoy the peace and the serenity of the hills I chose to spend some of my days in the hills. Lying in the Parvati Valley, Tosh, Kheerganga and many other such places are the favoured destinations to have an encounter with the hippie culture amidst the mountain solace.

I found myself looking all over the internet what all I could find about these places and what all I needed to do as it was the first time I was going to be traveling all alone. I did not pack much but I preferred using backpacks by Swiss Military as they were both handy and would make my travel easier. While packing I packed all my essentials in the backpack as they offered me large storage space for all my stuff. Also carrying a backpack would be better for both traveling by bus and also for the various treks I was heading for. I also packed a sleeping bag just in case I was not able to find a hotel to stay in, tents are always available there.

 The next day I started of my journey by a Volvo bus from Kashmere gate to Kullu/Manali which costed me around 1300 INR. I got down at Kasol on my way to Manikaran . Manikaran is the town where there is natural hot water coming from the earth. Just one more miracle of the Mother Nature. When I reached Manikaran I headed to the market area and booked myself into a hotel. Then from there I headed straight for the Gurudwara and the hot water bath that I took there relaxed all my nerves. After the long journey from Delhi to Manikaran I finally felt relaxed.

 The next day I started from Manikaran to my next stop to Barsheni from where I had to start my journey for Tosh on foot. When I reached there I saw the starting point for the trek of Kheerganga at the Parvati dam but I kept that for the next day. By evening I reached tosh village and asked a local to take me to the cheapest hotel as I did not want to spend much on my stays. And just so you know most of the hotels there are cheap but also good. There I found a group of 15 college students also from Delhi and when they got to know that I was traveling alone, they asked me to tag along them as they were on the same route.

The next day we started off our trek to Kheerganga at 8 in the morning and this would be the last trek for the entire group before heading back to Tosh. The entire trek had many beautiful and mesmerizing views to offer. I only wish I could capture all of them, but in that case I would never reach Kheerganga. When we reached Kheerganga we decided to stay in tents and light up a campfire. Good that I packed my sleeping bag.

We stayed there and near our campsite there was also another group of 8-10 people who were all sitting in a circle and enjoying their chillum session.

All through the trip from Delhi to Kheerganga and back again my companion was my backpack. One thing which made my trip easier was the comfort level I had with my bag. The padded and adjustable shoulder straps of the backpack made my journey really carefree. Also, the stylish looks of the bag was so convincing that all my travel partners were fascinated with the vibrant colour and the spacious pockets it has. Some of them were so eager to get the bag that they ordered it on the spot from the online portal of SWISS MILITARY. These were the things which never left me alone and also made my journey very feasible? This was one of the reason that  I could  enjoy my trip  because I was never worried about how I would carry all my belongings all the way up to the treks. All in all my journey and my experience was worth the time and efforts that I took for it.






















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